Girl on cell: Well, how would Mom know what to do? Back in the old days a woman who slept with your husband never baked you a pie! –5th Ave Overheard by: at a loss Guy: Man, I’ve been married two days and I want to cheat! –W 4th St station Overheard by: noseinabook Chick on cell: Oh my god, now they’re fighting… Yes! She’s screaming at him in the middle of street! No, she has no idea we got back together… I don’t know, but it’s really creepy — it’s like she knew we’d be here this morning — she walked in like two minutes after we did… Oh my god, she’s coming in! Quick, get down here and make out with me so she thinks I’m a lesbian! –Starbucks, Union Square Overheard by: That works… Guy at table: … And I’ve got my finger in another guy’s wife’s pussy, basically… –Outside Starbucks, Cooper Union Overheard by: Paul Woman on cell: I apologize in advance, but you know I love you. And if you weren’t married, I’d be in love with you. –35th & Lenox, Brooklyn Overheard by: Rei Middle-aged lady on cell: Okay, honey, bye-bye. I still love you even though you have a wife and kid. –JetBlue flight, JFK runway