Woman on cell: I’m in the subway station right now. Yeah, I’m in the subway. See you soon. –Urban Outfitters dressing room, 14th & 6th Scruffy guy yelling into cell: Listen, man! I told you, I can’t make it. I’m in the middle of traffic in Queens… Yeah! On the fucking BQE! –Union St & 5th Ave, Park Slope Overheard by: Grant Woman on phone: I gotta go — I’m at Weight Watchers. –Dunkin’ Donuts, Bayside Overheard by: Sara Swank Suit on cell: Yo, I’m in Weehawken right now. –Duane Reade, 34th & 8th Overheard by: gilmoregirl77 Resident on phone: I am just parking the car now — I should be home in 10 minutes. –NY Presbyterian, 9th floor Guy on cell: I’m sick today, I’m not coming in… I just got out of bed. [Cabs honk.] Maybe I’ll get in later… –Outside Penn Station Guy on cell: Hi, honey, how are you? I’m just here studying at the library… [Getting flustered] No, when Alex says he’s at the library he’s at the bar. When I say I’m at the library, I’m at the library. You know I don’t lie to you. –Outside bar patio, Four Faced Liar, W 4th