Girl to small friend: We’ll just call you ‘It.’ –Mercer & Prince Overheard by: NYU Frosh Hater Guy handing out Sovereign Bank bags: Free bags! Get your free shopping bag! This is the strongest bag you will ever see. It is so strong, it will hold… a small midget! –5th Ave Short girl: Whenever I go to these bars, I feel like everybody’s midget cousin. –Bar, 53rd & 2nd Midget to another: … And I told them I would work for them again but they couldn’t throw me around anymore. –Bar, UES Man: If he is out there exploiting himself he’s a midget, but if he gets up in the morning and puts on a suit and goes to work I’ll call him a little person. –DeKalb & Kent Ave Short, chubby woman on cell: I am not an Oompah loompa! –Broadway & Houston Overheard by: Rachel P