Creepy Casanova: Want to hear the worst pick up line ever? ‘Does this rag smell like chloroform to you?’ –Bronx High School of Science Overheard by: LSB Sassy Goldilocks: Honey, my porridge is juuust right. –Karma bar Overheard by: Nunez Gym rat to gym bunny: Dude, sneezing is, like, the best feeling in the world, and the worst feeling is not sneezing. –Columbia University Overheard by: Girl with slightly broader perspective on life Hardhat to jogger chick: Man, I’ll buy you a steak dinner. I’ll even pay for it. –13th & 3rd Blonde chick: So, then he was like, ‘What side do you like to take it from, and, ummm, do you have herpes?’ –Kenmare & Lafayette Girl on cell: Yeah, and so this really tall half-Indian guy in the subway goes to me, ‘I must say, those are beautiful flowers in your hair…’ Which basically means, ‘Those are beautiful tits on your chest,’ but it was still really sweet of him. –Fashion Institute of Technology Worst nerd-flirt ever: Have you ever had goats’ milk squirted in your eye? I have. –NYU Health Center