Student: … And in Soviet Russia, penis sucks you. –Stuyvesant High Conductor: This is Prospect Park. Next stop: Cambodia. Cambodia is next. –Q train Overheard by: Lucas Krech Dude on cell: Oh, I forgot to tell you — I was deported from Italy! –JFK History teacher: I’ve never been to Guatemala. Every time I try to go they have a revolution. –Stuyvesant High Overheard by: The nerve of those guys Crazy guy ascending escalator, arms outstretched: Welcome to the United Nations! –Grand Central Overheard by: Lizzy Fo Shizzy Amateur foreign relations expert: You see, the Hutus and Tutsis in Rwanda — there’s a massacre I can respect. –2 train, Chambers St Overheard by: pumpkin Creepy-laugh-guy: Hahaha. Well… I’d have to take you out of the country to do that. –W 3rd & LaGuardia