Comedy club guy: Yay, comedy! Yay, booze! Girl, don’t you walk away from me. I will follow you all over New York if I have to. Now take a flyer. –Times Square Overheard by: GregumsdaGreggy Hawker: Yes, I am an angel of the Lord… AM New York! AM New York, here! –Columbus Circle Overheard by: Fourth Axiom Flyer guy: Free Mets schedules! Get your free Mets schedule! Spring is here! Mets are here! Wish I wasn’t. –Union Square Overheard by: you and me both, buddy Street hawker: Take it — slit your wrists with it, roll your drugs in it — I don’t care. Just take it. –43rd & 7th Comedy promoter: Colorful paper! Free colorful paper! Use it to wipe your ass! –Times Square Vendor: Daily News! One for 25 cents, three for a dollar! –33rd & 7th Overheard by: Sara Gabriela Metro paper guy: Ladies and gentlemen, if you miss this bus it will be a seven to ten-minute wait… Get your free Metro paper here! Awww, no one even gives a shit about what I’m sayin’. –23rd & Park Overheard by: much-too-much