Charmer on cell: Yeah, man. I mean, I kind of like her. I’m not that crazy about her kids, but I think I’m going to keep seeing her. Her apartment’s in a really great location. –Outside Central Bar, 9th & 3rd Hipster chick: Sometimes I think finding a boy to be bitchy to is just as good as finding a boyfriend. –F train Overheard by: Miss Carrie Tough girl to friend: I’ve decided you need to be with a hard guy. –M16 bus, near Waterside Overheard by: inothernews Wannabe thug on cell to girlfriend: Look, I gotta be single. All I wanna do is get money, stay fresh, dress fly, and fuck bitches. –Penn Station Overheard by: Me Too JAP: I would never date anyone who lives in a borough. –122nd & Broadway Overheard by: guarquez sanchez Dad to depressed 13-year-old girl: Remember — friends are forever, boys are whatever. –106th & Madison Overheard by: Laura Chick on cell: Yeah, so everything’s good, but I don’t think I’d go out with him again. –Outside Church of the Incarnation, 35th & Madison