Black woman: Move, nigga! Shit, if Kramer can say it… –Whole Foods, Union Square Overheard by: Jillian B. Salesperson to customer: C’mon nigga, just buy this fucking thing, you know you want it. –Radio Shack, 225th St Overheard by: charles elliot Black lady: So here I go doin’ my thang, right, and I look up and this nigga here is eatin’ a pickle… A pickle! –NJ Transit into Penn Station Overheard by: dirtyjersey Thug: Yo, fuck you! You Pillsbury Doughboy punch-you-in-the-face-lookin’ nigga! –Grand St Overheard by: Alex Remnick Old woman: Nigga’s tutti-frutti as a motherfucker. –35th & 8th 14-year-old girl to friend:… And then my daddy called me a ho! Fuck that nigga! –Spofford Ave, Hunts Point Overheard by: number seven Father: Come on, hurry your ass up, nigga. I mean… Hurry up… son. –50th & Broadway