Woman running down the stairs: Hold the doors! Oh, God, please hold the doors! Please! [Doors close, train pulls away.] Why? Whyyy?! –A train Overheard by: Rose Fox Hobo to man running for the train: You better run faster! That’s the last train in the world! –W 4th Street A/C/E platform Overheard by: Curly Ku Student: Yo mama is so dumb that when she needs to take the 4 train, she takes the 2 train twice! –Brooklyn Tech High School Overheard by: Gazoo Tourist to friends: Ok, so, we’re headed downtown right now, and in a couple stops we’ll transfer to the express. –A train express, between 34th & 42nd Tourist woman: Why is it called an express train? All it does is skip stops. –4 train at Fulton St Chick to guy: Don’t tell me that bull! Don’t pull that on the A train! –Manhattan-bound A train, Brooklyn Overheard by: chudoc324