Clerk: My water tastes like the soup we had yesterday. And I can’t decide whether to keep drinking it or not. –Housing Works Bookstore Overheard by: Tommy Raiko Buppie on cell: Listen, I’ll come over, we’ll brew some tea, and then we’ll get hammered. –Washington Square Overheard by: Justine Guy’s guy: My 19th birthday is Monday… Yeah, I think I’m gonna cry… I don’t know, I’ve been crying a lot lately. Like, I was reading a Times Book Review the other day, and at the end I just started crying… I know! I think it’s all the soy milk I’ve been drinking. –Washington Square Park Overheard by: Mbeezers Black lady: Cold water here! Cold water! Come and get your cold water! Black people, come and get your cold water from a sista. Jewish people, come and get your cold water, it’s kosher. –Union Square Overheard by: alana landa Professor: I completely understand if anyone feels like committing suicide after this class. Or drinking a pint of whiskey. Both are appropriate responses. –Fordham University Rose Hill Overheard by: raqqy Short guy in lavender polo: And I just flewww that cranberry juice right up to that wedding! –Canal St RA to freshman: Forties are like the new Cristal. They’re economic… They’re sociable… And yeah, yeah that’s it. –Columbia freshman dorm lounge Overheard by: Columbia Freshman