Bike messenger screaming to another: That’s why I love you. Because you support my drug habit! –3rd Ave & 10th St Five-year-old with mother: I’m gonna get get get you hiiiigghh! –10th & Broadway Overheard by: evanescent Mom to three-year-old daughter: Sit up! Sit up! Are you on crack? –2 train, the Bronx Overheard by: MK Professor: I remember this one acid trip… –NYU, Silver Center Overheard by: Limey Stoner dude: I get high to get high. I don’t expect much, but it passes time and it kills hangovers. –17th & 8th Overheard by: Lara Thugette on pimped-out cell: Honey, I told yo’ ass before, I’ll tell you again: once a nigga puts rims on his Fed-Ex truck, you know he’s a drug dealer –36th Ave station, Astoria Overheard by: Akojam Milas