British lady: It must have eaten some rat poison, because it vomited up its innards and then had just enough strength left to crawl to the door before dying in a dainty pool of blood. –1 train Teacher to girl who just cut herself with Exacto knife: Would you stop leaking?! Your blood is going to stain the linoleum! –Bronx Science engineering class Overheard by: LSB Suit on cell: Why isn’t it done? Why isn’t it fucking done? Was it your intention to make my ass bleed today? Was it? –41st & Broadway Girl: My grandma always washes my bloody underwear. –1 train Guy to girlfriend: Your hair tastes like fake blood. –Mulberry St Overheard by: Ashley Teen chick on cell: I’m going to cut my arm tonight to show you how much I love you! Yes! I’m going to cut it off! Yes! I’m going to wipe all the blood on a napkin and give it to you. How much blood there is is how much I love you… Yes! I! Am! Well, I can’t think of another way to show you how much I love you. I have to prove it somehow! Oh, I have another call, I gotta go. –Staten Island Ferry Terminal Overheard by: still recovering Hobo, taking long drink from water fountain: Ahhh, water is good! It tastes like blood! –Port Authority Overheard by: Oh My God