JAP: I was thinking about getting some Botox in my back so my ass doesn’t swim around so much. –4th & Broadway Overheard by: Will Loud dude: Yes, I’m very sure that I have dimples in my ass. –75th & Broadway Overheard by: Adele G Dude to cute chick walking away: I don’t care! I’ll put hickies on both your butt cheeks! –DeKalb & Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn Overheard by: bit Bag lady to hobo: I ain’t kiddin’. There’s a teenage mutant ninja turtle battling out of my ass. –20th & Park Ave South Overheard by: ninjanr 30-ish lady: Oh, god, why won’t my ass stop twitching? –Q train, Church Ave Overheard by: Rez Fan to Beyoncé: Yo, Beyoncé, baby — they is childrens starvin’ in Bolivia! Why don’t you give ’em some o’ dat be-hin’?! –Outside MTV studios