Student: I just always assumed everyone’s love of integrals. –John Jay Hall, Columbia Dude: I had her up against the wall and was all like, ‘Jimmy cracked corn,’ and shit. She was lovin’ it. –A train, 42nd St Overheard by: Ilyse Man: I did scream, ‘I love you Lindsay Lohan!’ when I saw her at the costume thing, but that’s just ’cause everyone else was. –20th & 5th Man on cell: No, not that Jim. The Jim who loves acid and foie gras. –Metropolitan & Union, Brooklyn Overheard by: liza Conductor: I know you’ve heard of the love boat. Well, this is the love train. –Metro-North Overheard by: Mark Schilsky Guy to girlfriend at table of friends: You just love my average-sized cock! –3rd & 2nd Overheard by: Chuckles