Chick to friend: He took a picture of his nephew and made it ugly… You know, like, with Photoshop? And they’re putting it on t-shirts and selling them! –34th & Broadway Overheard by: Jen Angry employee on store intercom: Will the Easter Bunny please report to the photo center? –Target, Queens Overheard by: Chris Girl: I want a picture of the Statue of Liberty’s ass! –Statue of Liberty Chick on cell: We took photos down our shirts while we watched trannies dance. –Columbia University Overheard by: McFreaky Suit: That woman is not pretty. She needs all the Photoshop she can get. –Soho Overheard by: robyn Hipster: So, did you get any good pictures of the brie? –75th & York Overheard by: Maya D