White girl: I hear you, sister. Why can’t I have genital warts just like everybody else?! –Mambi, 177th & Broadway Lady suit: He’s like, ‘There’s a new chemically-resistant strain of gonorrhea going around…’ He said it’s beginning to seriously affect his choice of lifestyle. –5h Ave Chick on cell: Well, my mom has the clap and my dad has herpes, so I don’t know what that means for me. –Graham & Conselyea, Brooklyn Overheard by: imeyer Lady on cell: I have had this cold for, like, two weeks now. I don’t know — maybe I have AIDS. –28 bus, Flushing Main St Woman on cell: It’s not AIDS. No, Mom, I don’t have gonorrhea, either. It’s just some STD — they just don’t know what yet. –Bank of America, 86th & Lex Overheard by: Visiting Bostonian Office girl: … So I say to him, ‘I’m not the one who’s going around giving everyone herpes!’ And he said, ‘I don’t see how that affects either one of us!’ And at that point I snapped and just went off on him. –47th & 3rd Guy to girlfriend who stepped in huge, dirty puddle: Ewww, you just stepped in AIDS! –W 4th St Overheard by: Emily Leonard