Woman to friend: They couldn’t tell if I was a man or a woman, and I think that was so cool! –W 39th & 7th Long-haired creepster with sunglasses: I’m a MILF. –13th & 5th Women on cell: Oh, no, sweetie — wear a dress if you want to… Honey, this is New York — no one blinks an eye at a man wearing a dress… Well, I don’t know if you should wear a cocktail dress or not. I would say heels are appropriate… –Bed, Bath & Beyond, Lincoln Center Hobo: I’m pregnant and it’s a she-he. Hahahaha! [Runs away.] –Gold & Fulton Overheard by: drinkingmycoffee Lady on cell: Tomorrow I’m watching a transvestite get tried in court. I’m really excited. Apparently, when the cops did the pat-down, they had a male do the bottom half and a woman do the top. –E 82nd & 2nd Overheard by: McCarton Two-year-old girl with tube balloon between her legs: I’m a boy! I’m a boy! –90th & 5th Overheard by: Genderfucker Beer belly on cell: You know — she was one of those transgenders! That’s why she was so hot! –Driggs & N 5th, Williamsburg