Lady to dude: The problem with being an idealist is that everyone else in the world is stupid. –Housing Works bookstore Loud broad on cell: You’re such an idiot! How could you be such an idiot?! That is idiotic… I can’t believe you are that much of an idiot… [Continues for minutes, then] Fine, Mom! I’ll speak to you soon. –Train from Stamford Father to small son: … And then for dessert we can have one of your stupid jokes. –Lafayette & Bleecker Overheard by: good luck in therapy, kid Ghetto chick: I’m never having a baby. By the time I figured out I was pregnant I would have smoked so much weed that it would definitely be dumb. –The Loews, Lincoln Square Bimbette: I don’t think that crack is that addictive. It can’t be that addictive. I think people are just stupid. –R train, 5th Ave Man: Oh, he’s not Irish, he’s just stupid. –8th Ave