Hobo: There’s a Republican in Greenwich Village! [Sirens sound nearby.] Better watch out! –W 12th & 8th Overheard by: nyamelia Excited man on cell: It’s a White House colonic! –17th & 6th Seven-year-old girl with silent parents: Spitzer won! Spitzer won! Spitzer won! –8th Ave, Park Slope 20-ish guy on cell: What do you mean, ‘Bush will get re-elected in ’08’? Didn’t you go to fuckin’ grade school and learn about the two term limit on the presidency? Okay, yeah, I’ll be over for dinner tonight… Love ya, Mom! Bye! –W 41st & 7th Hipster dude to another: That girl told me she was a Republican, and I fucked her in the ass all night long. That was the best ass sex I ever had. –Clinton St & 3rd Pl, Carroll Gardens Overheard by: Terry Customer: I’d like a grande hazelnut latte and a new president. –Starbucks Overheard by: Grady