Disgruntled suit on cell: I know how to pee! — Venti decaf frappucino — I’ve been doing it since I was born! –Starbucks, Spring & Crosby Overheard by: Mistress Silver Girl to friend: … And then he just started peeing in front of all of us. Everyone else ran away except for me! –St. Mark’s & 2nd Overheard by: that’s the whole point of galoshes, right? Whiny guy: I don’t mind getting into a pissing contest so long as I’ve got my stick! –Boulevard Tavern, Greepoint Chick meeting friends: Guys, don’t tell Jim this, but I just peed in between two subway cars on a moving train on the way here. –Regal cinemas, Court St, Brooklyn Overheard by: Amazed that this is physically possible Guy to buddy: I probably got the cleanest fucking urine in that whole building! –Rector St & Trinity Pl Overheard by: Benjie Screaming man on cell: How many times do I have to tell you?! Do not piss on the street! Do not shit on the street! Do you hear me?! –7th Ave, between 28th & 29th