Fashionista to two others: Yeah, but like, what are we going to do with a dead horse? –Columbia University Overheard by: Brooke Woman: I lived in a mud hut with rabid bats — I think I cashed in my JAP card. –Bushwick Chick to guy: They get to pick out the puppies and kitties that they like the best, and they get to take them for the night. And, if they get killed, they just have to replace them. Isn’t that great? –Columbia University Overheard by: Wild Dog Boy Girl to boyfriend: With the amount you spend on little turtles, I think you could buy yourself a suit. –Columbia University Sailor to another: What do you know about anything ‘cept cuttin’ up squid and takin’ it to bed with you?! –Hudson & Perry Saucy chick: The worst I ever got fucked was by a horse named ‘Hunt.’ –16th & 1st Overheard by: Karin