Sweet-looking old man teaching ballet: This is an adult ballet class. We have to try and do things correctly. A children’s ballet is different. Technically, it qualifies as child abuse. –Steps on Broadway dance studio Chick on cell: After the crash test dummy, there were two geishas who belly danced. –Harlem Overheard by: Hott Bi Luv Chick: … But he didn’t expect it to be a bunch of animals — rabbits and bears in little outfits and shit. And doing little dances. And he was maaad…! –1 train Overheard by: Ladle Agitated old Jew to wife: I’m just saying, for my money I want the Electric Slide, I want the Macarena, I want the Chicken Dance, you know what I mean? –68th & Lex Indignant mom: She secretly enrolled her in ballet without telling me! –Monroe St & Franklin Ave, Brooklyn Old Einstein-looking guy with charming European accent: I always wanted to be a belly dancer so I was surprised when I became a composer. –Subway Overheard by: Ben H