Teacher: That’s a beautiful outfit! I forgot today was Culture Day — I would’ve come in drunk. –Brooklyn Tech Overheard by: Liz JAP: I was so drunk, and the next day I woke up in an unmade bed! –Times Square NJ Transit conductor: We’re on the train goin’ to Dovah. This is a late-night train for the drunk college kids. If you miss your stop, that sucks — we ain’t goin’ back. In Dovah, it’s ovah. –Penn Station Chorus of drunks: Rehab sucks! Rehab sucks! Rehab sucks! –Welcome to the Johnson’s, LES Overheard by: Alexis Large, loud lady dragging dirty hot pink suitcase to passerby: I’ve got a bottle of beer in one hand and a holy Bible in the other! –W 39th & 8th 20-ish director type to others: Okay, I’m laying down the law for this show. Nobody drinks — none of the actors are allowed to drink before the show tomorrow. I can drink before the show, but none of the actors can drink before the show. –Krain’s Theatre, E 4th & 2nd Overheard by: could use a drink now Tipsy dude: Either way, the test is coming back positive, so let’s get drunk. –3rd & 12th