Well-dressed lady to homely man: No, I have to go. I’m herding cats here. –Prince & Broadway Girl on first date: Yeah, and so sometimes I let my cat lick my nipples… –Outside Pratt Institute Black teen to her gaggle of pals: She has fuckin’ lupus, and her pussy smells like cat! –69th & 1st Overheard by: Erica Pretty girl: All the boys in New York have a broken heart… And a cat. –Court St, Carroll Gardens Overheard by: Ethan Man eating sandwich: This meat tastes like cat balls. This ain’t meatballs, it’s cat balls! It tastes like cat! –Subway restaurant, 23rd & Madison Overheard by: quickly losing my appetite Frat guy on cell: You’ll never guess what happened! Smoky came back! … Yeah, it’s good. He’s all like, ‘Meow, meow,’ and I’m all like, ‘Shut up!’ –Union Square Overheard by: Jess