Hobo to dog: I can’t believe she swallowed my cum! –69th & Columbus Big, black man to small, white, yappy dog: Yeah, yeah, we know you’re badass. –W 146th & St. Nick’s UES lady to her pup chasing a mouse: Sweetie, don’t! I just brushed your teeth. –UES Overheard by: asaf Hobo to small white dog: Gimme all yo’ money! –Burger King, 42nd St, between 8th & 9th Guy to muzzled Pit Bull: It’s your fault, not mine, that you’re wearing that! –11th & University Lady to her dog barking at Hispanic maintenance guy: Quiet or you will have a time out! –UES Little girl in stroller to dog: Hi, Mister Puppy! Where are your pants?! –Outside Brooklyn Botanical Garden Overheard by: cara