Mom to young boy being polite to strangers: Come on, Christopher! Let’s go! People can hold the door open for themselves! –Barnes & Noble, 7th Ave, Brooklyn Mom to little son: You think you can do whatever you want?! You came outta my pussy, I sure as hell didn’t come outta yours! –Magic Johnson Theater, Harlem Angry dad pulling five-year-old son away from ‘Imagine’ circle: That’s for John Lennon, not for you! –John Lennon Memorial, Central Park Overheard by: For Cereal. Angry mother to six-year-old girl: Kids get murdered! Kids get raped! Life is not free! –125th St station, 4/5/6 platform Overheard by: MissPinkKate Father to three-year-old son: You pinky-promised you wouldn’t act like a bastard! –Bronx Zoo Overheard by: Y G B S M Mom with screaming kids: Come over here! Come over here and pick out which soap you want, because it’s going in your mouth! –D’Agostino Overheard by: dank Mother to four-year-old son: Rodney! Leave that lady alone. She don’t want you. [Grabs son’s arm] I should have read the fine print when I adopted you. –Jerome & Clinton