Dude: Yeah, so I gotta get my intestine. –96th & Broadway Overheard by: Already Got One Man on cell: My left testicle’s on 57th Street, my leg’s on 58th Street, and my nose is falling off! –57th & 5th Overheard by: Megan Lady to friend: She’s a wimp even though she ain’t got no legs. –43rd & 8th Overheard by: snayl Bimbette: Like, I totally starting choking. Something got stuck in my coccyx. It was bad. –College Walk, Columbia University Overheard by: DD Gangsta on cell: I got a strong tongue. Any mood you in, I can fix. –E Houston & Orchard Crazy old man, pointing and yelling at little kid: Your skin is on backwards! Don’t be naive! –Washington Square Park Overheard by: tj