Street vendor selling children’s bubble maker: Bubbles! Bubbles! Shit… Bubbles! Fuck! –Midtown Subway hawker with huge sign: Subway! Eat fresh! [Hot girl walks by] Hey, baby, you lookin’ good! Don’t you just walk away like that… You need to shave your legs, girl. Subway! Eat fresh! –39th & 8th Guy handing out free CDs: Hey, baby, you like hip hop? [Girl ignores him.] Whatever. You lookin’ like Launchpad. –Outside Virgin Megastore Vendor: Get your peanuts! Get the first bag for five dollars and the second for the same price! –Yankee Stadium Dude selling programs for Avenue Q: Buy a program! If you don’t, I’ll tell you how it went. I’ll ruin the whole thing. Buy a program and a CD! If he doesn’t buy it, he doesn’t really love you. This is your last chance… until later. –Golden Theater Overheard by: Gaby Young Guy handing out Atkins snack bars: Get your free Atkins bar! The more you take, the sooner I go home. –Outside NYSE