Chick to another: She’s a weed-smoking, modern orthodox girl. I mean, I don’t think she goes to her rabbi’s high, but… –Brooklyn Museum Overheard by: cole Professor: … So the art department on the set just smokes pot all day and paints blue boulders. –Media Productions class, City College Mini thug: Yo, I wouldn’t even have to be high out of my mind to enjoy this shit! –Brooklyn Cyclone, Coney Island Overheard by: Alie Smoking model on cell: Um, yeah, he’s cute… But, duh — he’s addicted to opiates! –Houston & Laffayette Overheard by: Jake Hobo to girls: How are you smiling in a city filled with a million crackheads? –56th & 5th Guy on a rant in front of Imagine mosaic: In my next life I want to be an amoeba! Make more music, smoke more pot… Eating healthily is expensive! We should all have 40 acres and a mule and start all over! –Strawberry Fields, Central Park Overheard by: I’ll have what he’s having