Teen to friends: Yo, who is he? He can’t stop your dick from goin’ where it wants to go. –125th St station Overheard by: But I can… Kid emerging from Sex Ed class: So, if we look at the penis that is Manhattan Island, your house is right on the frenulum. –Hunter College High Overheard by: Rose Fox Woman on phone: I know, he’s an alright guy, it’s just that he won’t stop runnin’ his mouth. I’m telling you, we were making love and he was telling me how his freakin’ day was! I found myself wishing I had a dick just so I could stick it in his mouth and get some quiet! –D’Agostinos, between 79th & 80th Overheard by: BritBoy Drunk frat boy: I’m going to miss you guys! I’m losing the greatest penis in the world! –Bay Ridge, Brooklyn Hobo: When life gives you lemons… you show me how big your penis is! Haha! Bet you didn’t know I was going to say that, did ya? Did ya, you cracker faggot?! –79th & Columbus Overheard by: not white and straight