High school chick: You can totally get rid of syphilis with a pill. I know, because my boyfriend gave it to me. –Gravy Restaurant, Brooklyn Hipster to friend: If it’s me we’re talking about, I’d rather have HIV than syphilis. But that’s just me. –Norfolk & Rivington Overheard by: passerby Teen girl on cell: There’s no way I’m inviting her to my Sweet Sixteen. I mean, she gave my brother herpes! –Urban Outfitters, Soho JAP on cell: Ummm… Some crazy lady just threw her coffee all over my legs. You don’t think I’ll get AIDS, do you? –Penn Station Overheard by: Christina Old lady on cell: Well, HIV isn’t contagious… –JFK WASP lady on cell: Woo-hoo! Herpes! Mexican herpes! Yay! –57th & Madison Overheard by: benvolio Excited white gangsta: … And all’s they did was take some blood from the baby and sees that it had gonorrhea, and I was cleared! –148th & 3rd, Bronx