Hot dog vendor: How you like it?
Tourist: Just ketchup, please.
Hot dog vendor: You not like New York style?
Tourist: Sure, but not today.
Hot dog vendor, reluctantly handing over dog: I think you make very big mistake today, sir, and every day, too. –Battery Park Headline by: fru Runners-Up:
· “Just Guessing by That Izod Shirt You Are Wearing” – anne nahm
· “New York Style Always Leaves Me A Little Sore Thanks” – Uulargh of the Prairie
· “New York Style Means the Attitude’s Free” – Christine
· “New York Style? How Do They Fit ‘Fuck You’ In A Bun?” – Taylor
· “New York Style: Mustard, Sauerkraut, Judgement” – kimathi
· “Street Meat, the Best Population Control Money Can Buy.” – Chance
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