Bimbette on cell: Well, I really need to go to Linens ‘n’ Things today, because when I move into my new apartment I’m going to need tons of, like, linens… ‘n’ things. Oh my god, that’s so weird! –Outside Bed, Bath & Beyond, 19th & 6th Mini thug: Yo, my mother is weird, son. All we be having is fruits and shit in our house — like we Jewish or somethin’. –Chelsea Market Overheard by: tiffb Large black lady: You must have to look weird to work in this store… I haven’t seen a normal-looking person since we got here. –GameStop, 33rd & Broadway Overheard by: Toria Queer: Being gay is sooo weird. –F train Girl to friend: Making out with my brother was the weirdest thing of my life. –79th St Crosstown Bus