Dude on cell: I’ll give you the worst first — I think I wanna fuck… –52nd & 9th Overheard by: tinyfoo Man in hurry, muttering: Sex… Sex. Sex? Sex! –8th & Broadway Overheard by: Sam Guitarist: To pack a theater, a good movie once in a while, and a can of tomato juice. That’s all I want out of life, folks. Well, maybe a bit of sex, too. –42nd St station Overheard by: Spencer 20-ish guy to pal: So she says, ‘Let’s meet up. Food? Drinks? Sex? Sounds good.’ –8th & Broadway Overheard by: meghoney Hot chick on cell: … But if you’re having casual sex with her, why can’t you have it with me? –50th & 6th Overheard by: Mao Carrera