Woman on cell: I got out on the wing and said, ‘I’m not going.’ He said, ‘I paid 10 grand to fuel this jet!’ and he pushed me off… Well, I didn’t control it too good. I wound up in a tree and it took three hours to get me down… I was just all cut up by the branches… –Bagels Supreme, Brooklyn Woman to boyfriend: I didn’t know you could see individual leaves on a tree. –A/C/E train Overheard by: Monica Dude: What’s beer without a Christmas tree? –5th Ave Woman on cell: I saw her sitting in the litter box, and then she looked at me and she shot it up into the plants! –Columbus Circle Overheard by: Beck Tourist mom to daughter with camera: Look, a tree! A tree! You can tell everyone you took a picture of a tree in Central Park! –Central Park Lady on cell: What did I do yesterday? Well, I finally took down the Christmas tree. –Continental Ave, Forest Hills Overheard by: Dandelion Isafleur