Drunk baseball fan: My friend — he’s a fat fuck! I’m gonna call him and tell him how fat he is! –LIRR to Shea Stadium Fat lady to tiny lady: Move your fat ass! –Manhattan-bound 6 train Overheard by: Dr. Seuss Tat 15-year-old fattie: If it wasn’t for my huge boobs, I would just look fat. –Port Authority Overheard by: Andy Recent high school grad: She put on a lot of weight. Doesn’t she look fat in this picture? [Friend just stares.] It’s her eyes. –Queens Blvd Queer on cell: Well, there’s cute-chubby and hopeless-chubby… No, I’m not gonna tell you which one you are! –88th & Amsterdam Loud fat lady, during silence after curtain fall: Ew, that’s gross! Eat that… –NYC Ballet, Lincoln Center Overheard by: Evan