Columbia student on cell: Man, I need Spring Break so bad. I need it more than I needed to mess around with that suicidal chick last weekend. –W 114th St Overheard by: arthur digby sellars Middle-aged lady on cell: Well, does Mom know about this? … That’s not a suicide pact, Dad, it’s a murder-suicide. –Smith & Baltic, Brooklyn Old suburban lady: Well, maybe I should try killing myself for once! –Port Authority Overheard by: Ian Teen to friend, enthusiastically: Let’s hold hands and skip and tell him to go kill himself! –Henderson Ave, Staten Island Overheard by: Green Star Old guy: Guy is holding up traffic for five hours because he wants to jump off the George Washington Bridge. You wanna kill yourself, take a bottle of pills! –Chiropracter’s office Overheard by: sara n.