Wheelbo: I understand that this is a crowded train. I will try and move past you as articulately as possible, as not to step on anybody’s toes. –6 train Overheard by: Becs Guy trying on women’s sunglasses: Are these for women, or are they ambidextrous? –Laila Rowe, Upper West Side Overheard by: nisey79 Dude: … And I became an intern to be internal… –Columbia University NYU chick on cell: Thanks so much for, like, printing out my paper for me. You were, like, such a lifesaver! Yeah, my printer ran out of, you know, cartilage, so I’m at Staples buying some more. –Soho Overheard by: if only sharks could be used as toner Bimbette: Yeah, well, she just kept on keptin’ on… –4th Ave, between 11th & 12th St, Brooklyn Overheard by: Mike R Fat lady: They eat dogs in other countries — it’s a delicatessen. –Fulton & Church St Overheard by: Dan