Bimbette to friend: I love him so much! He’s, like, so ugly he’s cute! –Luna Park, Union Square Overheard by: Maren Heartbroken co-ed after Scott Proctor gives up game-tying home run to Blue Jays: Why must you hurt me when I have shown you nothing but love?! –Yankee Stadium, Section 41, Row E Overheard by: Bleacher Creature Old woman: I love all of my sons, but my middle son is one of those freaks of nature. –1 train Brit on cell: Shut up! … Well, you’re going to have to shut up and listen to me so I can get others to love you, too! –M6 bus, Church & Spring Overheard by: But I love you Middle-aged hipster lady to boyfriend: You only think about yourself. I love that! –Bedford Ave