Girl in OSU shirt: I, like, didn’t go to Ohio State, but I still cheer for them because I grew up in Columbus. Still, I don’t see why most people cheer for schools’ teams they never went to. Like, I know so many people that cheer for the Eagles, but it’s not like they went to Eagles School or anything. –2 train Overheard by: Dice To That Water guy: Ice cold water! Get your ice cold water for one dollar! [Guy walks by with Red Sox hat.] Two dollars for Red Sox fans! –Broadway & Houston Overheard by: Bronwyn Tourist girl: Strawberry Fields? Isn’t that, like, a song or something? Or is it that baseball movie with the ghosts? –Central Park, Strawberry Fields Overheard by: Erin Jersey thug: If my job was to be Mr. Met, I’d just caress young bitches all day. –Shea Stadium Little boy to father, who’s flipping through sports section: If you do something really bad, but you play sports, you won’t get locked up! –Brooklyn-bound L train Overheard by: CEF