Guy to enthralled friends: … And they were trying to rush him to the hospital, but they couldn’t leave because the fuckin’ monkey was banging on the window! And they couldn’t back up the car because they didn’t want to run over the monkeys! And the cameraman is yelling, ‘Run over the fucking monkey! Run over the fucking monkey!’ It was so unprofessional. –Union Square Overheard by: Jen Hoochie mom to child, looking at sea lions: Look, honey, the zoo keeper is feeding the dolphins. –Central Park Zoo Overheard by: Carey and Echo Doppler Idiot to another: So, some summer we should go out to Cincinnati and spend the summer building an aardvark. –Fulton St station Overheard by: Johnny Twisto Suit frantically screaming on cell: My horse, my business! My horse, my business! –Outside Union Square station Hobo: It’s all about survival, man! I been fightin’ my whole life. I killed so many people… Then you gotta fight the land animals! Soon they throw you in the water and you fightin’ alligators and sharks! –Union Square Overheard by: Tom