20-ish woman: Why do they call it waiting on line instead of waiting in line? Is that like a New York thing? Is that like calling it smoking up instead of smoking out? –58th & Park Overheard by: marisa Guy: Well, I think absent-minded means more like… Uh… Like… –Broadway & Waverly Future lawyer chick: Wait… So that’s the rebuttal? Rebuttal? Is that a word? Or is the word ‘counterargument’? Or am I just making up words? –LSAT class, Cooper Square Four-year-old girl to little boy who spoke in Spanish: I don’t speak your English! –Claremont Park, Bronx Overheard by: ClaRity JAP to boyfriend: I don’t want anything that I can’t, like, pronounce right now. –St Mark’s falafel district