Guido: You know what it would mean if I drove a Saab? It would mean I have a big dick. –Sheepshead Bay theater Overheard by: sprinkles JAP on cell: Well, if you guys need a ride I need to call Daddy and tell him to bring the Infinity, not the BMW… Wow, that sounded really JAP-y. –49th, between 8th & 9th Restaurant flyer guy: Why a Lamborghini costs so much we don’t know, but we do have food! –96th & 3rd Overheard by: Drewster Guy: We either gotta pay the Russian drivers, threaten the Russian drivers, or kill the Russian drivers. –Financial District Ghetto lady: That’s the only thing you can do in a van with no air conditioning — sing. –Maspeth & Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn