Man on phone: I thought you were calling to tell me you’re getting married. That would have been terrible. –45th & 8th Overheard by: Lisa Metromosexual on cell: Lady-fag and Rainblow Brite are getting married. –Bedford & 5th, Brooklyn Little Asian girl talking on toy cell: What? Tomorrow? Marry you?! –Waiting room, Ft Greene Department of Health Overheard by: nooners Angry woman to loser husband: If you want this marriage to work, we need to move to Baltimore. –Starbucks, 59th & Lex Girl on cell: No, I don’t think sleeping with her again will help… Because, honestly, you shouldn’t be sleeping with anybody else… I mean, Jesus Christ, we are engaged! –Starbucks, 23rd & 6th Man to woman: So, he told you he wasn’t dating anybody, but he didn’t tell you he was married? –11th & Broadway