Guy in line, to girl: So, I guess we could go to the TKTS booth and see how much the half-off shows are. They’re usually like 30 or 50 percent cheaper. –Starbucks, Times Square Girl on cell: Yeah, well, you said you were running a few minutes late and you showed up two days later! –Spring & Greene Desperate guy: I don’t care if she’s between a two and a ten, just so long as she’s not a one! –Spring & Mulberry Overheard by: Eddie Enthusiastic chick: You know what they say — hindsight is 50-50! –12th & Broadway Overheard by: David Eight-year-old boy to female friend: … At a rate of interest of five point three-five percent… –W 81st St Overheard by: Emily B. Blonde: I can pretend to be just one person! –30th St, Astoria