Young boy to another, whispering: I’m gonna knock you off ,and then I’m gonna steal your M&Ms. –FAO Schwartz Overheard by: amused tourist Cabbie: Something wicked just crossed my mind. One dark night I’m going to come here and steal all the stop signs. –Roosevelt Island Overheard by: Suriya Angry queer suit as a Honda’s car alarm goes off: What the fuck?! What the fuck?! Nobody would ever try to steal that piece of shit! –72nd & Broadway Overheard by: C. Gray Thug: Look, these glasses are f’real! I bought them off a nigga who had just stolen them from the jewelry store! –125th & Broadway Hipster chick on cell: Why don’t you just stay at a real hotel where you can steal all the soaps and stuff? –2nd St, between Bowery & 2nd Ave Overheard by: Jake Little boy to little girl while nanny is distracted: I love outdoor shopping, because it’s easier to steal things! –11th & University Overheard by: Cooper Cheatham