Queer #1: Oooh, honey, you have an eyelash on you. Here, let me get it for you. Okay, now blow on it. [Queer #2 blows.] Come on, now, I’ve seen you blow harder than that. Hehehe. [Blows again.] There you go, honey. So, what did you wish for? You can tell me. I wanna know!
Queer #2: No, I can’t tell you. It’s a secret. It’s a deep, dark secret and I won’t tell you. Ever.
Queer #1: Well, I’ll tell you what I would wish for. A unicorn horn. And you know where I’d put it. Yeah, down there.
Queer #2: Oh, man, that’s an accident waiting to happen. And then a trip to the hospital. –F train, W 4th St