Charity worker: Help the homeless! [Androgynous person walks by] Even a pretty girl… boy… whatever-that-was can help! –Times Square Chick, wistfully: That was Vadim. He was from St. Petersburg. When we broke up he stole all my dresses. –A train Overheard by: Rose Fox Large black security guard, inspecting guy’s Sephora bag: You da man! –Hayden Planetarium Pierced 20-ish chick: So, the last time I pegged a guy he wouldn’t stop jabbering on and on about how much he loved trannies. It just made me shove in the strap-on harder. –Delancey & Orchard Overheard by: Californian Guy: I sirred a ma’am today. But, in my defense, she was a very sir-able ma’am. –33rd & Broadway