Conductor: This is your second chance for the A Train. Not so many times in life do you get a second chance. A Train — across the platform. –C train, 42nd St Overheard by: deb Tall black woman: Beyoncé! That bitch! She stole my life! –PATH, 14th St Overheard by: Adam A Suit: You know, I made up my mind to eat Ritz crackers for the rest of my life, and dammit, I’m gonna enjoy it! –54th & Park Overheard by: fellow ritz lover Chick: Then someone put on Linkin Park — can you believe that? I had to just go in the back and smell some pretty soap and pretend I know what I’m doing with my life. –Prospect Park Overheard by: dave ! Commuter student: Yeah, you know, I want to have a life. I want to get my nails done. –NYU Overheard by: because really, what more is there to life?