Rotund black woman, to no one in particular: I like a hood nigga,. I like a nigga to dick me in the butt while I’m smoking a blunt. –West Village Loud Jamaican man yelling to friend: When I stick my penis up your butt, there ain’t no turnin’ back! You’re gonna have hemorrhoids! –25th & 7th Overheard by: Becka Dude: … And then she wouldn’t even shake my hand. I mean, I’ve had my dick in your ass, and you won’t even shake my hand? What kind of shit is that? –F train Tween to friends: I told him, ‘If it don’t fit in my mouth, it won’t fit in my butt.’ –Bx9 bus, Kingsbridge Terrace Overheard by: Krisztina Angry student: He fucked me in the ass, okay? In the ass! –NYU